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Dr. Cally's Nationwide Speaking Tour

One of America's Most Requested, In-Demand, Wellness Keynote Speakers

Cally Seymour, Doctor Cally, Dr. Cally
Dr. Cally Seymour

When you bring Dr. Cally to speak at your organization: 

✅  Your crowd gets moved by her inspiring testimony

✅  Your crowd finds hope for their own health and healing

✅  Cultivating Creative Resilience 

✅  Natural weight loss

✅  Natural immune strengthening throughout cancer recovery 

✅  Your crowd discovers the truth about health, immune strengthening, & stress resilience

✅  Your crowd is empowered to take steps to overcome obstacles

"World Class Speaker - Will Move Your Audience"

Dr. Cally has a very unique personal story of triumph and overcoming obstacles. She is widely regarded as a pioneer in the natural health and wellness industry. Using innovative and time tested methods, she is way ahead of the curve when it comes to drug free, surgery free immune strengthening strategies, to help you achieve your maximum health potential, and develop a healthy lifestyle.  Her success comes from extensive training and her own personal experiences. Overcoming Ovarian Cancer and childhood eating disorders, she has helped thousands of patients to improve their health, reach their healthiest weight, and strengthen their immune systems naturally!  Her inspiring personal testimony and passion for helping others, makes her a sought after speaker, master trainer and coach, and incredible Doctor. 




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Meet Doctor Cally
Christ Follower, Wife, Mom, Doctor, Professional Wellness Consultant, & Professional Speaker.


Dr. Cally (Caroline) Seymour has 33 years of experience in health, fitness and wellness, and 20 years of experience as a Chiropractic Physician. 

 She is an expert in corporate and personal wellness, natural immune strengthening, natural weight loss solutions, and chiropractic health care.  She began her journey as a wellness professional in 1987 as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and dance instructor, holding 4 national certifications.  She danced for the St. Louis Professional Cheerleaders and Dancers organization from 1987-1989, representing the NHL, NFL, and MISL. She went on to graduate from Logan University (formerly known as Logan College of Chiropractic) in December 1999, where she received the Alumni Student Doctor Award, for her graduating class. 

She’s practiced privately in Missouri, Georgia, and currently serves on the team at Scenic City Clinic of Chiropractic and Nutrition, in Chattanooga, TN.  

For more information about Dr. Cally:


Available for Corporate

Natural Immune Strengthening
Natural Cancer Immune support
Stress Resilience
Overcoming Obstacles
Maximized Nutrition for Peak Performance
Natural Weight Loss Solutions
Women’s Wellness
Fit over 40
Team building and leadership



Professional Speaker Review
with Roberto Monaco 

(CEO of The Chiro Speaking Company)
Workplace Topics & Presentation Takeaways
Health, Wellness & Workplace Productivity

👉🏻 How to naturally strengthen your immune system for optimal health.
👉🏻 How to overcome stress with health, wellness & productivity.
👉🏻 How to lose weight naturally and permanently.
👉🏻 How to detoxify safely and naturally for optimal health and longevity. 
👉🏻 How to help yourself and your entire team feel and live a healthier more vibrant life!
👉🏻 How to balance your hormones for permanent weight management.
👉🏻 How to create a true workplace Peak Performance that your entire team will thrive in.
👉🏻 How to develop a workplace (and personal) wellness program that will last.

Note: Dr. Cally Seymour works from a Servant Leadership Model.
She will adjust her presentation to address your company's specific needs.
Corporate Speaking Events with Dr. Cally
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"Don't aim to Finish a talk, aim to start a revolution!" 
~ Roberto Monaco ~



"I went to see Dr. Cally two weeks ago today and I have lost 12 lbs. She knew what to give my body to help it get back into a healthy routine. Can't wait to see what God has in store for her business." -Ginger Armstrong

"I have had great success with Dr. Seymour!  I am very sick with multiple immune disorders.  Dr. Seymour has desinged a program that is unique to my needs.  I love that it is not a one size fits all program. Every week we are tweaking my plan to meet my needs, but with my long-term goal in mind: not using all of my vacation days for sick days. Instead of weeks in bed and probably an ER visit, I was back to fullhealth in less than 24 hours." - Kelley M. 

"When I first began care under Dr. Cally, I was unable to digest many food items, like meat, raw fruits and veggies, and nuts. Imagine my frustration as a broke post graduate trying to eat healthy food to get all the nutrients my body needs.  After only two weeks of being on Dr. Cally's suggested herbal supplements, I have reintroduced mat and some raw veggies back into my diet! Dr. Cally is incredibly knowledgeable in treating each unique patient back to health. Treating my health early on in life gives me high hopes for my future health, all thanks to the wonderful Dr. Cally!"  - Samantha Rossberger

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